We offer a wide range of services customized to your needs.

As Needed

 For clients who have their own IS department, or a system which requires very little maintenance, Computer Integration Consultants will provide an expert for your occasional needs at our standard hourly rate. This gives you coverage in specialized areas while still allowing your staff to focus on the smooth running of your daily operations. 

For Large Projects or Ongoing Needs

 Whether you have a large one-time project, or need continuing service for an extended period, Computer Integration Consultants can provide your solution. We offer clients contracts for blocks of hours at a discounted rate. These blocks of discounted hours can be provided in two ways: a Service Contract for large projects within a specified time frame, or on an Outsourced MIS Department Contract for continuing service which would allow you to pay for these hours on a monthly basis over the course of a year. Either way, Computer Integration Consultants can custom fit your needs by offering a “no worries” turnkey solution, or expert advice and service to enhance your own staff’s plan. 

For Remote Internet and Phone Support

 Computer Integration Consultants can remotely manage your network via the Internet. No matter where in the world your offices or branch offices are located, with a simple set up, we can expertly solve your networking dilemmas without the expense or down-time associated with travel. Help is just a phone call away. Many problems can be solved quickly by our telephone support engineers. 

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